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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Why do I need a website?
It is an advertisement for the whole world to see your business and a method of presenting your goods and services. It provides a means for people to find out more about what your business offers and provides information about location and ways in which they can contact you.

How do I order my website?
Email us now and ask for an information pack. This will tell you everything you need to know about how to order the website you want. If you already have an information pack, you will need to fill in the contract provided and send it back to us . We will then send you out an artwork sheet(s) which you can use to fill in all the details about your business that you want to be displayed on your website. We recommend that you take this opportunity to send us photos (as high resolution as possible), brochures or anything else you may think is relevant for your new website.

We will use the information and resources you provide us with to design and construct your website. You will receive a proof on CD-ROM to approve the design and content upon completion of the website, and amendments can be made at this stage if deemed necessary.

Do I receive an email account?
Yes, we will give you an email address relating to your business' web address, for example, if your domain name is 'www.merseyview.co.uk,' you will be provided with an email address of 'info@merseyview.co.uk.' However this email address will only be redirecting to an existing email account that you provide us with - we do not host email accounts. This means that an email sent to 'info@merseyview.co.uk' will actually be sent to your designated email account whatever that may be, such as merseyview@hotmail.com or joe@yahoo.co.uk.

Do I have to pay for the domain name?
No. This is included within the package price stated.

How much will it cost to make changes to my website?
Once your website has been approved and made live on the Internet, you will be charged for changes. The fee incurred will depend upon the changes you require and the amount of work required. We charge 5 for a simple amend (for example, one picture change, or a small change to text content). Thereafter, you will be charged at a rate of 12 per every half hour, so if you require extensive changes to your website, and it takes our designers a duration of 2 hours to complete those changes, it will be 4 x 12 = 48.

Judgement of the extent of work required for your particular change(s) and the estimated duration will be at the discretion of netscene media  and the designers involved in the construction of your website.

How do I make a change to my website?
email us at webdesign@netscene-media.co.uk. please include the URL of your website and a clear idea of what change(s) you wish to make. We will need to assess the amount of work that is required for your specific change(s) to give you a quote on charges incurred.

What happens after my 1 year hosting is up?
When your year's free hosting is up, you will receive an offer from us to renew your website hosting for another year at a reduced rate. You may choose not to take up our offer, but if you wish to keep your domain name registered by us, you will be required to purchase your domain name from netscene media, which you can then transfer to another hosting company for them to host your website.

If I buy a website from you do I own it? Will I get to keep it if I want to change hosts?
Yes. Once the website is completed and fully paid for, it is yours. If you want to host your website elsewhere after a year, you can do so.


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