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What is a Banner Ad?

 A Banner Ad is an animated or static graphical link to your web site. The standard size for a banner ad is 468x60 pixels. the ad below is a typical example

I can place banner ads for free using link exchange programs, why should I pay Netscene Media to link to my site in this way?

 Free banner ads using exchange programs are  very inefective, you may be lucky to get 1 click through for every 1000 times your ad is shown, this is because you have no control over the pages that your banner ad is shown on, and consequently these pages will not be targeted to your customers.

Netscene Media offers truly targeted banner ads that are placed on pages that relate to your business location and type in one of our local guides below. Ads for Crosby restaurants are placed on pages that list Crosby restaurants.

Merseyscene Lancashirescene Cheshirescene

Ok - What about my competitors ?

 Netscene Media guarantees to display only one ad per page -so yours will be the only one there. 

How do I get one and what will it cost? 

Simply complete and submit the form below to reserve your banner ad placement. Our service costs 49 for one year and this charge includes the design of a banner ad if you don’t already have one that we can use

Your Name

Your E-mail Address

Your Contact Telephone Number




Note - We will normally deal with your order via e-mail and will only call if we are expressly instructed to do so by you or if we are unable to contact you by the e-mail address supplied.

Business Name




Post Code

URL to link to

Listing Category - Please select one only

Regional Guide your business is listed in







If you need us to design a banner ad for you we will contact you to agree the design of your ad prior to placement. If you have an existing ad we will contact you to provide us with the copy of the ad you would like to use. You will NOT be invoiced  for your ad until it has been published on our site. also your 1 year placement term will not start until your ad has been published.

I would like Netscene Media to design a banner ad for me and place it on a suitable page for the term of 1 year at a cost of 49

I already have a banner ad that I would like to use and would like Netscene Media to place it on a suitable page for the term of 1 year at a cost of 49

Additional Comments or Relevant Details

Contact us Info@netscene-media.co.uk

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