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What is a Netscene Media Business Details Page?                                                                         Netscene Media is a business directory style guide to entertainment and leisure venues in the United Kingdom. Our directories list basic information such as name, address, and telephone number within business categories. A details page is a full page advert that is linked to this directory listing in one of the following local guides.

Merseyscene Lancashirescene Cheshirescene

Is this the same as having my own web site?                                                                                 No, but you will have a web address that you can include on your stationery and an e-mail address  such as www.merseyscene.co.uk/yourbusinessname/ and  yourbusinessname@merseyscene.co.uk (these links are examples and are not active). A details page is like a mini web site within a web site, which makes it an ideal option for businesses that just need a presence on the Internet without the cost of a full web site.

What If I already have a web site?                                                                              For businesses that already have a web site this is a cost effective way of expanding your existing web site, and can be used to drive visitors  to your own site.

Why should I choose Netscene Media ?                                                                                          We are specialists in web site design and promotion, our service does not end when we have designed your page - we will continue to promote and adapt it, all for less than one nights ad in a local paper.

How do I get one and what will it cost?                                                                        Simply complete and submit the form below to reserve your details page. Our service costs 95 for one year and this charge includes the design hosting and promotion of your page.

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Note - We will normally deal with your order via e-mail and will only call if we are expressly instructed to do so by you or if we are unable to contact you by the e-mail address supplied.

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Because it is impossible to create an effective web page without knowing exactly the details of your business and your personal requirements, we will contact you to agree the design of a page that suits your needs. You will NOT be invoiced  for your Page until it has been published on our site. also your 1 year placement term will not start until your page has been published.

I would like Netscene Media to design a Details Page, host it and set up an  e-mail address for the term of 1 year at a cost of 95

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Contact us Info@netscene-media.co.uk

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